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Brief History of IDCA

India has always and continues to occupy prime position in the diamond and gemstones and jewelry industry. And the United States continues to be a major consumer and player in the jewelry industry. This was the genesis behind the formation of IDCA. The founding members rightly felt the need to create an organization that would provide a reputed platform for the exchange of trade information and encourage the highest ethics in marketing of diamonds and colorstones and now jewelry as well. IDCA has been at the forefront of the mythical and mystical diamond, gemstone and jewelry industry, and has celebrated three decades of dedicated and trendsetting service to the community.


We work closely with DDC, DMIA, NCDIA, GJEPC, JA , JVC and other associations to address important issues affecting the industry.

IDCA is also a founding member of the United States Jewelry Council. The purpose of this is to work together on all issues impacting the jewelry industry, as well as ensuring the industry is collectively represented at government and other international levels.


IDCA has always been at the forefront of any industry issue, conducting seminars and disseminating information to its members.