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About Us

The Indian Diamond and Colorstone Association (IDCA) was established as a not for profit organization in 1984. It provides a platform for its members to network with each other and promotes the business of its members within the United States.

Today, IDCA members occupy prime positions in the diamond, gemstone and jewelry industry and their businesses account for a significant share of the US jewelry sales. IDCA serves its members and the industry by organizing seminars and events throughout the year that bring together leaders of the entire industry, from mining all the way to retail. They are hosted at key industry events throughout the year. During these events IDCA recognizes and honors companies and individuals that have successfully worked for and within the jewelry industry.

IDCA Mission

IDCA is a not for profit organization and its foremost goal is to serve its members and provide them with a platform to connect, network, share and promote ethical business. It also provides an opportunity for its members to have a united voice and a common goal; promoting the business of Indian colorstone, diamond and jewelry industry.